Review Rehana Jomeen: Yuuki menstrual cup

Review Rehana Jomeen: Yuuki menstrual cup

I admit that I was first drawn to the Yuuki menstrual cup because of the name and its likeness to something Japanese sounding. As a lover of all things from the East, it made me curious. However, the Yuuki is not from that part of the globe at all – it’s actually from the Czech Republic, while the cup itself is made from German medical-grade silicone.

Menstrual cup sizes

This menstrual cup is available in two sizes – size one (small) and size two (large). The size one – 67mm length, 42mm width and 24ml capacity – is recommended for women who have not given birth vaginally and the size two – 75mm length, 47mm width and 37ml capacity – is recommended for women aged 28 years and over who have given birth vaginally. (I was tickled by the inclusion of 28 as the cut off age for the smaller size cup. I mean, does your vagina suddenly expand and become much bigger at aged 28? Heavens, I really hope not.)

What you get

I was kindly sent two of these cups from the manufacturer, one in each size, to review and critique. I was also sent a green infuser box that can be used both to store and sanitise the Yuuki – once inside the infuser box, cover the cup with water to the top, pop the lid back on and microwave for five minutes. This effectively cleans your menstrual cup so you can maintain optimum hygiene during your moon time. Some ladies do this daily, but I find this a faff; instead I boil and sanitise between my cycles. I find that rinsing my cup out in clean water at the end of each day while Aunt Flo is visiting is more than adequate.

Your choice of cup stiffness

You also have a choice of silicone stiffness with your Yuuki: soft, middle and classic. I cannot say anything about the middle firmness as I haven’t seen it in life; however the soft is supple and a definite favourite of mine. It is malleable and easy to mould into shape for insertion and removal. The classic firmness, on the other hand, is beyond anything classic I’ve ever experienced. I found it to be as hard as a rock and more than a challenge to insert and remove.

The Pros

  • The silicone is of a high quality and has not discoloured after using it for several periods.
  • The infuser box can be purchased together with the cup as a set (although now there is also an economy option on the website which includes only the menstrual cup).
  • The Yuuki is ideal for sport – I found it to be brilliant for swimming, pilates and yoga.
  • Once inserted correctly, this cup did not leak at all.
  • I couldn’t feel this cup inside of me and at times I even forgot that it was my time of the month.
  • The grip rings are prominent, but do not irritate the skin around the vagina.
  • The prominence of the grip rings make insertion and removal a doddle!

The Cons

  • The firmness description can be somewhat misleading as the classic is very stiff.
  • The air holes below the rim of the cup take time to clean properly.
  • It isn’t one of the cheapest menstrual cups on the market.
  • There’s only one colour to choose from.
  • The natural cotton storage pouch must be purchased separately.

Why I liked the cup

I have a number of menstrual cups in my collection and the Yuuki is one I keep going back to each month. This cup is amazing for my heavy flow days and I especially like using the soft cup while playing sports – I can swim with confidence while on my period – making it a great all-rounder suitable for beginners. For anyone venturing into the menstrual cup world for the first time, I can wholeheartedly recommend paying more for the Yuuki over other less costly competitors – just remember to go for the soft version.

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